If any type of equipment were to fall down the well, Northway Well and Pump has the solution for you. We have extensive knowledge when it comes to fishing out pumps and other lost equipment.  We have numerous fishing tools in stock and the right rigs to do the job. 

Water Well Video Inspection Camera System

Our 2014 Dodge Pro Master 2500 comes equipped with:

  • Dual Viewing Camera - Provides straight downhole and side viewing
  • Side view and down viewing tilting with LED lighting
  • Zoom capability
  • 360 degree side scanning rotation and lighting system
  • 3- LCD flat screens - Provides multiple viewing areas so all customers can see the video live
  • Depth up to 3000 feet

As part of our well televising service, we provide our customer with copies of the footage taken as well as a detailed report of the findings.  Our experts will then develop a solution to best suit your needs

Fishing for lost pumps

Well Televising


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